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Aboriginal Communities

Aboriginal Healing Foundation publications

A Compendium of Aboriginal Healing Foundation Research
(from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation Research Series)

Final Report of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation (2006):

From Truth to Reconciliation - Transforming the Legacy of Residential Schools (2008)

Historic Trauma and Aboriginal Healing  (2004)

WARRIOR-CAREGIVERS: Understanding the Challenges and Healing of First Nations Men - Resource Guide (2005)

Additional documents from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation can be found


Aboriginal Women's Health and Healing Group

Annotated Bibliography of Aboriginal Women's Health and Healing Research (2005)


Government of Canada publications

A holistic framework for Aboriginal policy research (2004) 
Avaliable in English and French

Abuse is Wrong in Any Culture  (Department of Justice)
Avaliable in EnglishFrenchInuinnaqtunInuktitut, and Labradorimiut

Inventory of Family Violence Prevention Resources - Aboriginal (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Sections include:
Information sheets, Booklets, & Fact sheets
Guides, Manuals and Toolkits
Reports & Articles


Pauktuutit Inuit Women’s Association

Abuse Prevention Services in Inuit Communities: Analytical Report The Nuluaq Project:
National Inuit Strategy for Abuse Prevention

Inuit Healing in Contemporary Inuit Society Nuluaq Project: National Inuit Strategy for Abuse Prevention
Making our Shelter Strong: Training for Inuit Shelter Workers Participant Handbook

Research Report: Applying Inuit Cultural Approaches in the Prevention of Family Violence and Abuse

What to do if you are abused and/ or battered